Information System for Logistics (3613401)

Description: Information system that uses in logistics and supply chain system management, decisions support system, electronic data interchange, computer security, effects of computer and information in logistics organization such as GPS, ERP, WMS, EDI, and RFID


Performance Measurement in Supply Chain (3613702)

Description: The concept and theories of performance improvement in supply chain, quality of performance measurement in supply chain, application of performance measurement tools such as Balanced Score Card (BSC), Activity Based Costing


English for Logistics Management (3613703)

Description: The study of English which is necessary for logistics and supply chain management, especially in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, communication skills for logistics activity such as procurement, transportation and distribution, inventory management


Quantitative Analysis (3612105)

Description: The concept and theories of Mathematics for logistics and supply chain management, resource planning, inventory management, managing project, and transportation model


Research in Logistics Management (3614902)

Description: The concept of research in business and logistics management, research algorithm, research framework, research problems and objectives, literatures review, hypothesis and testing, collecting data, processing data, data analysis, and making research presentation