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Welcome to Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jakrapong Kaewkhao website. 

It's easy to see what really matter. Welcome to world of glass science!!!

Here it is my persional publicaiton data. If you need full text, please contact me by email: jakrapong [at]

Selected Publications in ISI Journal


1. Kaewkhao J., Laopaiboon J. and Chewpraditkul W., 2008, “Determination of Effective Atomic Numbers and Effective Electron Densities for Cu/Zn Alloy” Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer,109(7), pp.1260-1265. [IF = 2.859]

2. Kaewkhao, J., Udomkan, N., Chewpraditkul, W. and Limsuwan, P., 2009, ”Effect of excess bismuth on the synthesis of bismuth silicate (Bi4Si3O12) Polycrystals”, International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMPB), Vol. 23(8), pp. 2093-2099. [IF = 0.790]

3. Kirdsiri, K., Kaewkhao, J., Pokaipisit, A., Chewpraditkul, W. and Limsuwan P., 2009, “Gamma-rays shielding properties of xPbO:(100-x)B2O3 glasses system at 662 keV”, Annals of Nuclear energy, Vol. 36 (9), pp. 1360-1365. [IF = 1.174]

4. Kaewkhao, J., Pokaipisit, A. and Limsuwan, P., 2010“Study on borate glass system containing with Bi2O3 and BaO for gamma-rays shielding materials: comparison with PbO”, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 399 (1), pp. 38-40. [IF = 2.199]

5. Chimalawong, P., Kaewkhao, J., Kedkaew, C. and Limsuwan, P., 2010“Optical and electronic polarizability investigation of Nd3+doped soda-lime-silicate glasses”, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Vol. 71(7), pp. 965-970. [IF = 2.048]

6. Limkitjaroenporn, P., Kaewkhao, J., Limsuwan, P. and Chewpraditkul, W, 2010“Nonproportionality of electron respond using CCT: plastic scintillator”, Applied Radiation and Isotope, Vol. 68, pp. 1780-1784. [IF = 1.136]

7. Kaewkhao, J., and Limsuwan, P., 2010, “Mass attenuation coefficients and effective atomic numbers in phosphate glass containing Bi2O3, PbO and BaO at 662 keV”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Vol. 619, pp. 295-297. [IF = 1.200]  

8. Limkitjaroenporn, P., Kaewkhao, J., Limsuwan, P. and Chewpraditkul, W, 2011, “Physical, optical, structural and gamma-ray shielding properties of lead sodium borate glasses”, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Vol. 72(4), pp. 245-251. [IF = 1.825]   

9. Park, J.M., Kim, H.J., Kim, S., Cheon, J.K., Kaewkhao, J., Limsuwan, P. and Insiripong., S., 2011, “X-ray and proton luminescence of bismuth-borate glasses”, Journal of Korean Physical Society, Vol. 59(2), pp. 657-660.  [IF = 0.445]     

10. Kaewkhao, J., Kirdsiri, K., Limkitjaroenporn, P., Limsuwan, P., Park, J.M. and Kim, H.J., 2011, “Interaction of 662 keV gamma-rays on bismuth based glass matrices”, Journal of Korean Physical Society, Vol. 59(2), pp. 661-665.  [IF = 0.445]    

11. Kirdsiri, K., Kaewkhao, J., ChanthimaN.  and Limsuwan P., 2011, “Comparative Study of Silicate Glass of Bi2O3, PbO and BaO Containing: Radiation Shielding and Optical Properties” Annals of Nuclear energy, 38, pp. 1438-1441. [IF = 1.174]   

12. Chanthima, N., Kaewkhao, J. and Limsuwan, P., 2012, “Study of photon interactions and shielding properties of silicate glasses containing Bi2O3, BaO and PbO in the energy region of 1 keV to 100 GeVAnnals of Nuclear energy, Vol. 41, pp. 119-124. [IF = 1.174]  

13. Tuscharoen, S., Kaewkhao, J., Limkitjaroenporn, P., Chewpraditkul, W. and Limsuwan, P., 2012, “Improvement of BaO:B2O3:fly ash glasses: Radiation shielding, physical and optical propertiesAnnals of Nuclear energy, Vol. 49, pp. 109-113. [IF = 1.174]  

14. Park, J.M., Kim, H.J., Limsuwan, P. and Kaewkhao, J., 2012, “Luminescence property of rare-earth-doped bismuth-borate glasses with different concentrations of bismuth and rare-earth materialJournal of Korean Physical Society, Vol. 61(2), pp. 248-253. [IF = 0.445]   

15. Kaewwiset, W., Thamaphat, K., Kaewkhao, J. and Limsuwan, P., 2013, “ESR and spectral studies of Er3+ ions in soda-lime silicate glassPhysica B, Vol. 409(15), pp. 24 - 29. [IF = 1.352]      

16. Limkitjaroenporn, P., Kaewkhao, J. and Asavavisithchai, S., 2013, “Determination of mass attenuation coefficients and effective atomic numbers for Inconel 738 alloy for different energies obtained from Compton scatteringAnnals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 53, pp.64-68. [IF = 1.174]  

17. Chanthima, N. and Kaewkhao, J., 2013, “Investigation on Radiation Shielding Parameters of Bismuth Borosilicate Glass from 1 keV to 100 GeV” Annals of Nuclear energy, 55, pp.23-28. [IF = 1.174]  

18. Yasaka, P., Pattanaboonmee, N., Kim, H.J., Limkitjaroenporn, P. and Kaewkhao, J.2014, “Gamma radiation shielding and optical properties measurements of zinc bismuth borate glassesAnnals of Nuclear energy, Vol. 68, pp. 4-9. [IF = 1.174]  

19. Singh, V.P., Badiger, N.M., Chanthima, N. and Kaewkhao, J.2014, “Evaluation of gamma-ray exposure buildup factors and neutron shielding for bismuth borosilicate glassesRadiation Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 98, pp. 14-21. [IF = 1.207]

20. Ruamnikhom, R., Limsuwan, P., Horprathum, M., Chanthima, N., Kim, H.J., Ruengsri, S., and Kaewkhao, J.2014, “Up and down-conversion luminescence properties of Nd3+ ions doped in Bi2O3-BaO-B2O3 glass system, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, pp. 1-5. (ID 751953)  (IF = 0.744)

21. Limkitjaroenporn, P. and Kaewkhao, J.2014, “Gamma-rays attenuation of zircons from cambodia and south africa at different energies: A new technique for identifying the origin of gemstone”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 103, pp.67-71. [IF = 1.207]

22. Singh, V.P., Badiger, N.M., and Kaewkhao, J., 2014, “Radiation Shielding Competence of Silicate and Borate Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses: Comparative Study”, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 404, pp. 167-173. [IF = 1.825]

23. Kaewjang, S., Maghanemi, U., Kothan, S., Kim, H.J.,  Limkitjaroenporn, P.,  and    Kaewkhao, J., 2014, "New Gadolinium Based Glasses for Gamma-Rays Shielding Materials", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 280, pp. 21-26. [IF = 0.967]

24. Ruengsri, S., Insiripong, S., Sangwaranatee, N. and Kaewkhao, J., 2015,  “Development of barium borosilicate glasses for radiation shielding materials using rice husk ash as a silica source”, Progress in Nuclear Energy, 83, pp. 99-104. [IF = 1.184]

25. Kaewkhao. J.Boonin, K., Yasaka, P. and Kim, H.J., 2015, “Optical and luminescence characteristics of Eu3+ doped zinc bismuth borate (ZBB) glasses for red emitting device”, Materials Research Bulletin, 71, pp. 37-41. [IF = 2.435]

26. Oros, C., Horprathum, M., Wisitsoraat, A., Srichaiyaperk, T., Samransuksamer, B., Limwichean, S., Eaimchai., P., Phokharatkul, D., Nuntawong, N., Chananonnawathorn, C., Patthanasettakul, V., Klamchuen, A., Kaewkhao, J., Tuantranont, A. and Chindaudom, P., 2016, “Ultra-sensitive NOSensor based on Vertically Aligned SnO2 Nanorods Deposited by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering with Glancing Angle Deposition TechniqueSensor & Actuator: B Chemical, 223, pp. 936-945 [IF = 4.758]

27. Zaman, F., Kaewkhao, J., Srisittipokakun, N., Wantana, N., Kim, H.J. and Rooh, G., 2016, "Investigation of luminescence and laser transition of Dy3+ in Li2O-Gd2O3-Bi2O3-B2O3 glasses", Optical Materials, 55, pp. 136-144. [IF = 2.183]

28. Zaman, F., Kaewkhao, J., Rooh, G., Srisittipokakun, Kim, H.J., 2016, "Optical and luminescence properties of Li2O-Gd2O3-MO-B2O3-Sm2O3 (MO=Bi2O3, BaO) glasses", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 676, pp. 275-285. [IF = 3.014]

29. Kaewnuam, E., Kim, H.J., Jayasankar, C.K., Chanthima, N. and Kaewkhao. J., 2016, “The Photoluminescence, optical and physical properties of Sm3+-doped lithium yttrium borate glasses”, Physics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B, 57(2), pp.85-89. [IF = 0.658]

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33. Kaewkhao, J., Wantana, N, Kaewjaeng, S., Kothan, S. and Kim, H.J., 2016, "Luminescence Characteristics of Dy3+ Doped Gd2O3-CaO-SiO2-B2O3 Scintillating Glasses" Journal of Rare Earth, 34 (6), pp. 583-589. [IF = 2.188]

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35. Chaiphaksa, W., Limkitjaroenporn, P., Kim, H.J. and Kaewkhao, J., 2016, “The mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic numbers and effective electron densities for GAGG:Ce and CaMoO4 scintillators”, Progress in Nuclear Energy, 92, pp. 48-53.  [IF = 1.184] 

36. Kaewkhao, J., Limkitjaroenporn, P., Chaiphaksa, W., Kim, H.J., 2016, “Non-Proportionality Study of CaMoO4 and GAGG:Ce Scintillation Crystals using Compton Coincidence Technique”, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 115, pp.221-226. [IF = 1.136]

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38. Shamshad, L., Rooh, G., Kirdsiri, K., Srisittipokakun, N., KimH.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2016,“Development of Li2O-SrO-GdF3-B2O3oxyfluoride glass for white light LED application”, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1125, pp. 601-608. [IF = 1.780]

39.Zaman, F., Rooh, G., Srisittipokakun, N., Ruengsri, S., Kim, H.J., and Kaewkhao, J., 2016, “Luminescence behavior of Nd3+-activated soda-lime-borate glasses for solid-state lasers applications”, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 452, pp. 307-311. [IF = 1.825] 

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70. Khan, I. Rooh, G., Rajaramakrishna, R., Sirsittipokakun, N., Kim, H.J., Wongdeeying, C., Kaewkhao, J., 2018,  "Development of Eu3+ doped Li2O-BaO-GdF3-SiO2 oxyfluoride glass for efficient energy transfer from Gd3+ to Eu3+ in red emission solid state device application", Journal of Luminescence, 203, pp. 515-524. [IF = 2.693]

71. Yuliantini, L., Kaewnuam, E., Hidayat, R., Djamal, R., Boonin, K., Yasaka, P.,  Wongdeeying, C., Kiwsakunkran, N.,  Kaewkhao, J., 2018, "Yellow and blue emission from BaO-(ZnO/ZnF2)-B2O3-TeO2 glasses doped with Dy3+ for laser medium and scintillation material application", Optical Materials, 85, pp. 382- 390. [IF = 2.183]

72. Wantana, N,  Kaewnuam, E., Chanthima, N., Kaewjaeng, S., Kim, H.J., Kaewkhao, J., 2018, " Ce3+ doped glass for radiation detection material", Ceramics International (Acdepted manuscript) [IF = 3.057]


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