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Topic Agency Timeline
Development of a Hard Drive Cloning Device with Data Integrity 2 Nov 2009 – Oct 2011
Development of Iterative Thermal Asperity Detection and Correction Algorithm 3 Oct 2009 – Sept 2011
Development of Thermal Asperity Detection and Correction Algorithm 2 Nov 2007 – Jul 2009
Development of academic training packages using a SCILAB program 4 Oct 2007 – Sept 2008
Developing and Strengthening the Potentials to Support the Competition and Expansion in RFID Technology 1 Jul 2007 – Dec 2008
Development of Animal Identification Standard for Swine and Poultry 1 Aug 2007 – Oct 2007


Topic Agency Timeline Student’s Name
Advanced Read Channel Design for Perpendicular Recording System 2 Jan 2007 – Dec 2009         (Graudated) Mr. Chanon Warisan
Study of the Effect of Jitter Noise on Designing a Noise Predictive Maximum Likelihood (NPML) Detector 2 Jun 2008 – May 2010         (Graudated) Ms. Nutthanun Phatsawan M.Eng @ KMITL
Development of a joint timing recovery and equalization algorithm 2 Jun 2008 – May 2012         (Graudated) Mr. Sumet Nutsatarporn 
M.Eng @ TU
A method for reducing the effect of Thermal Asperity in Magnetic Recording System 2 Jun 2008 – May 2010         (Graudated) Mr. Suwatana Thamakam M.Eng @ KMITL
Performance Comparison of RFID Readers Based on ISO and EPC Global Standards 5 Jun 2007 – May 2009         (Graudated) Mr.Thiti Nuamcherm M.Eng @ TU
Efficiency Improvement of UHF RFID Reader Using Anti Collision Algorithm 5 Jun 2007 – May 2009         (Graduated) Mr.Sarawut Makwimanloy M.Eng @ TU



1 = National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
2 = College of Data Storage Technology and Applications (D*STAR), KMITL
3 = College of Data Storage Technology and Applications, KKU
4 = Office of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
5 = National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)