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Windows in their own books: An integrated approach in reading skill for 21st leaners

The first thing  that we might do in the morning that we looked out the window, to check the weather, to see the sun but what you really saw was the world tha

t what a book does. A book can show you the world. Here is being about your window when the light hit it, just right you don’t just see the world outside. You can also see your reflection. So the window becomes a mirror that’s also the book does. The book can show you the world but it can also show you a reflection of yourself but what happens if you never see anyone in a book that looks like you.

Nowadays people have never looked at themselves because they feel like they’re nobody. It was epiphany, after the lifetime is denying their heritage. They choose to freeze it. Therefore, parents may consider that the books in their children’s bookshelf are all the books mirrors or are they all windows. Kids always see themselves in books need to be able to see things from other viewpoints. The book will shape the kids how can they get along with other in this world to empathize and to share if they never see outside of themselves.

Cullingford (1998)said the children are treated like ‘perfect readers’, almost as perfect as reviewers, responsive, intelligent and alert. Anyone who writes seriously would like their readers to be like this, with the addition of immediate sympathy and understand.