The bar chart shows the forecasted visits to four European cities, London, Paris, Madrid and Istanbul, by three countries the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Us represents the highest number of expected travellers of a large margin, followed to Canada then Mexico. In 2018 the most popular destination overall in Paris and the least popular is Istanbul.

For Americans, In the future their most popular destination will be Paris, Over 100 thousand visits, the least Istanbul of 60000, Madrid's expected travellers reach 70000 and London's 80000. In 2018 Istanbul is the most popular between Canadians of 70000 followed by London and Paris of 50000 and 45000, and the least desirable is Madrid at just 30000 expected visits. Madrid will be over far the most popular destination, just of 60000, the other cities only reach to 20000 and 25000.

To summarise the graph shows that each country has widely varying preferences, the most marked being Mexico's preference for Madrid, America's favourited would be Paris and Canada's Istanbul.