Present Simple.
1. I go to school.
2. She reads a book.
3. They write a letter.
4. They run fast.
5. We sing a song.
6. She drinks lemonade.
7. The cat eats fish.
8. Kate does her homework.
9. Dave drives a car.
10. The baby sleeps.
11. They play chess.
12. Mike sits.
13. I swim.
14. She watches TV.
15. She feeds birds.
16. She talks on the phone.
17. They dance.
18. Sue flies.
19. The child cries.
20. The boy builds a snowman.
21. He makes a cake.


Present Simple Tenses
I go to school.
He goes to school.
They go to the hospital.
Jen goes to a university.

I do my homework.
She does a lot of money.
They do everything for pass the exam.
John does the chores.

I play football.
He plays the guitar.
They play a game.
Bob plays the piano.

I have a dog.
He has a car.
They have an icecream on their hand.
John has a girlfriend.
It has a rat in the box.

I am a doctor.
He is a football player.
She is a nurse.
You are a head leader.
They are students from Thailand.