Tense                        Active                                 Passive
Present sim.             I make a cake.                    A cake is made.
Present con.             I am making a cake.           A cake is being made.
Past sim.                  I made a cake.                    A cake was made. 
Past con.                  I was making a cake.          A cake was being made.
Present perfect.        I have made a cake.           A cake has been made.
Past perfect.             I had made a cake.             A cake had been made.
Future sim.               I will make a cake.               A cake will be made.

Future be going to
                               I'm going to make a cake.       A cake is going to be made.

Modal                     I must make a cake.                A cake must be made.

Modal perfect         I should have made a cake.     A cake should have been made.

 Active & Passive
The problem was solved by your brother.
My father wrote this book. It was written by my father.
This clock was made in 1750.
Bronson scored a goal. Yes, a goal was scored by Bronson.
This job will be done by my friend next week.
This house was built by my grandfather.
This exercise will be done at home by me.
Was the window pans broken by the children?
I'll the beds were made by my grandfather.
Many writers were influenced by Shakespeare.
The money will be stolen by the thieves if you leave it there.
Mr. Johnson translated this book.
This policeman arrested that man.
We will be taught by that teacher.
Many things are said in this house.
This mansion was built in 1750.
They will be bought this car soon.
This car will be bought soon.
This jar was broken by the maid.
The centre forward scores a goal.
All the fish was eaten by the cat last night.
My sister was taken out to the cinema by David.
My sister has taken out to the cinema with me.
That film on TV is going to be seen by the children.
The baby will drink the milk.
That dog is going to be killed by a car one of these days.
My mother washed all the dishes.
The washing has been done by my mother every day for the last twenty years.
My brother is repairing the TV set right now.
The eclipse will be seen by everybody.
Your beer was drunk by that man.
The ball has thrown by that player.
The accident was caused by that car.
He's a leader. He will be led the others.
The others were lead by him.