My car beautiful. =====> My car is beautiful.    (The verb 'be')
At Monday. =========> On Monday.               (Preposition)
How to spell ....? =====> How do you spell.....? (Auxillary verbs)
He like cheese. ======> He likes cheese.        (3rd person 's')
Last night I cry. ======> Last night I cried.        (Past tense)
What time it is? ======> What time is it?          (Word order)
He is more tall. ======> He is taller.                 (Comparatives)
I play chess good. ====> I play chess well.       (Adverbs)


After he doing the work, his face brightened. Incorrect
After he had done the work, his face brightened. Correct

We shall be glad to get your good news. Incorrect
We shall be glad to get good news from you. Correct

I feel myself feverish. Incorrect
I feel feverish. Correct

You have on excuse to be forgetful. Incorrect
You have no excuse for being forgetful. Correct

He rose equal to the occasion. Incorrect
He rose to the occasion. He was equal to the occasion. Correct

Are your work busy? Incorrect
Do you have a busy job? Correct

I am going to a picnic. Incorrect
I am going on a picnic. Correct

I am a bit in a hurry. Incorrect
I am in a bit of a hurry. Correct

I'll date her out this Saturday. Incorrect
I'll take her out on a date this Saturday. Correct

If one day I am good in English, I would definitely admit it. Incorrect
If someday I am good at English, I will definitely admit to it. Correct

How do you think to learn the English? Incorrect
What is your point on learning English? Correct