April 22, 2016
Today, I got up at 6.00 am. I wash my face I brush my teeth then took a shower. I got the dress for go to do my work but before I going to do work I got the breakfast first. I went to my office I prepared my lecture for students what we have to teach them. At 12 am. time to go lunch I went to have lunch outside a university what I got for lunch. I got the rice curry. In the afternoon, I got back to work again until 5 pm. it's time for relax. I have to go play football at the field.

April 24, 2016
Yesterday, I went to Mahidol Uni. I took my computer for write my report at the library there I spent the time for 4 hours then I have to go out. So, I went to the Bankok to CentralWorld can you believe that why I wanna go there, the reason is I would find something to eat there at CentralWorld. There were many foods there I got salad papaya, sticky rice, grilled fish, fried chicken, fried pork. Then I went to the Central Ladprao I find some suite but nothing match for me I hadn't nothing to buy. Then I went to watch the football match
verses Muengtong United and Sisaket FC final scored is 4-0 Muengtong won for this match. Then I went back to NakhonPathom arrive at 11.30 pm then I go to bed.

Yesterday I went to Mahidol Uni. with my computer to write my report in the library. I spent four hours there before leaving to go into Bangkok. So, I went to CentralWorld. Can you believe I wanted go there? The reason is that I wanted to find something to eat. There were many foods to choose from. I decided on papaya salad; sticky rice; grilled fish; fried chicken and fried pork. Then I went to Central Ladprao and found a suit but nothing that matched me I didn’t buy anything. Later I went to watch the football match between Muengtong United vs. Sisaket FC. The final score was 4-0 Muengtong. After that I went back to NakhonPathom and arrived at 11.30 pm before I went to bed.

That's revised by Aj.JD Lawrence